Tips on How to Choose the Best Quadcopter Online

Tips on How to Choose the Best Quadcopter Online

Quadcopters are tiny unmanned aerial flying vehicles. It is surely a great fun to fly these mesmerizing vehicles. You can go backwards, you can easily hover, you may go straight and even you can go up and down. The flying vehicle is capable of bringing you into a new world of excitement and fun.

While flying these vehicles, you will feel as though you are flying. This is certainly the main reason behind the growing popularity of these tiny vehicles. If you too want to enter into a new world of excitement, you need to choose such a vehicle. However, there’re plenty of choices available online to choose from, but you need to choose the best one. Are you still confused? If yes, then you must go through stated below tips and ideas on how to choose best quadcopter online.

Technology Matters

When you decide to choose such a little flying machine, you first need to concentrate on the technology. Needless to say that it is technology that has changed the world as it used to be. You aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of latest technology if you want to choose a high-end vehicle.

how to choose best quadcopter

Therefore, if you are going to buy such a vehicle, whether online or offline, you first need to focus on choosing the right technology. Always remember, choosing latest technology means choosing the best machine. It is a fact that the machine with no technology can be of no use. Hence, it is highly suggested that in order to choose an active device, you need to consider the technology. In concise, technology is the key feature that decides whether a certain product gets success or not.


Having assessed the technology in a vehicle, now you need to focus on another important point i.e. features. Considering features are needed if you want to choose the best Quadcopter.

It is often seen that many individuals simply choose a machine that looks great. But when it comes to performance, they have to cope with lower-quality of the device. Therefore, if you don’t want to repent on your decision at a later stage, you need to choose a vehicle that should be equipped with tons of mesmerizing features. Considering features in a device also essential in terms of handling the device. If you don’t have proper knowledge about the specs of a certain vehicle, you won’t be able to manage it i.e. how to fly it.

Shape & Size

However, some people may find it an inappropriate point, but considering shape and size is needed if you want to choose the best aerial flying vehicles. Here shape doesn’t only mean the appearance of a vehicle, but it means how a shape can decide the functionality of a device. Similarly, choosing a right size can also affect the performance of a device. You aren’t supposed to ignore these two important points while looking for the flying vehicles.

Since, there are lots of choices available on the internet, you may often get confused in determining the best machine. Hence, you are advised to go through a few product reviews before visiting an online store.


Pumps and Filters for Swimming Pools

Pumps and Filters for Swimming Pools

It is critical to have both a good filtration system for pools, with their respective filters and their corresponding pump with a correct chemical water maintenance as well.

To function properly, it is estimated that the filter and pump should be located no further than 15 meters to the pool. The basic tasks with which a filter much be able to perform are: Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Recycling, and Draining.

The dimensions of the filter and the pump depends on the total volume in liters of your swimming pool, and the time allowed to recirculate the volume of water. It is recommended that the time allocated to clean your pool is between 6 and 8 hours. It is always recommended that the pump and filters are the correct sized models that you need. This will make sure your pump does not work consistently for too long, and this will mean economic savings in energy consumption and the lifespan of your equipment will be higher if they are not required to constantly be ran.

It is always a good long term investment to buy a pump and filter that is high quality although it might not be the cheapest. To have a higher flow rate for your pump you will also need to increase the size of the corresponding filter. This means that there is a direct relationship between the flow rate of the pump and the diameter of the filter.

NOTE: The order of suctions indicated in this figure may vary according to the particular installation of each pool


  • F – Filter
  • D – Draining
  • C – Closed
  • RL – Backwash
  • RC – Recirculation
  • OU – Out of Use
  • R – Rinse

The Filtration

Filtration is only part of the work to be done to maintain a clean pool as well as chemical treatment as one without the other alone will not achieve what you desire.

By this we mean that the filter does not do much of anything unless it is accompanied by a good chemical treatment such as chlorine.

Operating Principles

The water is drawn from the bottom of the pools through the outlet or bottom chamber and the surface of the pool through the skimmers, each reaching filter through their separate means with their corresponding valves and then returning to the pool through the return. These are installed on the opposite side of the bottom chamber and the skimmer, thus providing a total renovation of the pool water.

The filter itself composes the silica sand load, through which water is circulated downwards, retaining it between the water and the suspended matter filter.

pool pump and filter

After starting the filtration cycle and after some time you need to wash the filter should there be sand and dirt preventing the passage of water.

When the backwash is done reverse the direction of flow of water in the pools through the filter and then get rid of all the dirt and debris.

Bearing these in mind, the instructions which are detailed below should not represent any problem for your application.


Filters should be installed as close to the pool as possible and preferably at a level of 0.50 m. below the surface of pool water.

Important: Make sure to use the proper materials for the joints of the selector valve iron pipe, it is essential to use plastic accessories and Teflon tape.

Loading Arena

To get the most out of your pump and filter, follow the instructions below:

1. Perform charging once the filter is located in its final position and the installation is complete.
2. Open the clam and raise the multiway valve. It will be noted that this is unhooked by a PVC pipe.
3. The opening of this pipe should be covered with glass so that no sand gets in it.
4. Remove sand reaching 2/3 of the height of the filter.
5. Remove the beaker and attach the multiway valve again.
6. Attach the stainless steel ring again, tightening the screws to prevent water loss.

Water level in the Pools

1. If the system has a skimmer (suction surface), the water level must be kept exactly in the middle of the suction mouth that is located on the pool wall. If this level is not reached, or exceeded, the skimmer does not work.

2. If no skimmer pools, the water level should be maintained at least 20 cm above the hub cleaner hose, thus air inlet will be avoided in this connection.

Priming the Pump:

1. With the pump stopped, put the handle of the multiway valve in the FILTRATION position.

2. Close all valves with corresponding system sucks (suctions: background, skimmer and cleaner)

3. Open the lid of the pump and fill with water to overflow correctly then close the lid.

4. Start the pump, and slowly open the valve suction line, leaving the other two suctions closed. Observe as the water enters pump; if this happens, open the pump until the system remove all the air in the pipe.

5. If after performing the above operation no water enters the pump, close the valve suction line and immediately stop the pump. Then repeat as indicated in points 3 and 4.

6. If you made the above operations on three or four occasions without achieving prime the pump, detailed control of the suction system should be made, because somewhere in the same there an air inlet which prevents the formation of suction required for priming.


Once the pump is properly primed you’ll need to stop it and put the handle of the multiway valve in the FILTRATION position.

Start the pump and during operation you should be regularly observing the gauge which indicates the degree of saturation of the filter.

The valves of the bottom of the pool and skimmer will open depending on whichever is the chosen function.

If the water surface is dirty, open the valve corresponding to the skimmer, keeping all others closed so you achieve good suction.

When the gauge indicates a pressure of 0.9 kg / cm2; it’s time to do a WASH.


Each load of sand forms thousands of channels of steps, which include all the materials it contains and which are retained in the filter and consequently the number of free channels the flow of water is constantly decreasing.
It is for this reason that the pressure rises progressively, reaching about 40% more than the initial pressure to clean the filter; this pressure varies by model and filter based on the losses of each facility recirculation, for example, if the initial pressure gauge reading is 0.65 kg / cm2, washing should be done when it comes to 0.90 kg / cm2 washing.

This will proceed as follows:

1. Handle multiway valve on WASH and the intake valve open bottom is attached.

2. Put the pump in operation.

3. The duration of this operation is about 2 minutes. The water used for backwash will drain along with all the dirt.

4. After these two minutes, one hour should be left without operating the equipment. Following this time it will be rinsed.


After backwashing the filter and installing a new one the water will flow in the pool for a few seconds leaving a murky color.
In order to avoid this cloudy water flowing to the swimming pools, there is a position in the selector valve.

Operate as follows:

1. Immediately after washing, place the handle in position RINSE.

2. Wait one (1) hour to start the pump.

3. Connect the pump for 1 min.

4. After this period, rinse the pump and put the valve handle in FILTERING.

This position sends the filtered water to drain.


In this position the selector valve made the passage of water from the pump directly to pool without going through the inside of the filter.


In the event that the pool cannot drain directly into the sewer drain at the bottom of the pool, emptying can be done through the filter pump. To perform this operation you must place the selector valve in the drain position. With the intake valve open you will need to turn on the pump.

Before connecting the drain, make sure that the skimmer valves are closed.

Best Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

Best Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

Today we have decided to heat our swimming pools with some of the top heat pumps to make an extremely detailed study, this will help us is making the best decision possible on which model is best. In any case, we should not forget how important the actual technical characteristics of the pump are such as reliability, ease of finding spare parts or qualified technicians and of course the warranty (usually two years although there are manufacturers giving the option of much longer guarantees).


Important Heat Pump Features

Looking at these important factors will much better help us determine which aspects can help make the best choice when buying a heat pump for our pool. In recent times, the use of heat pumps to heat private pools is having a tremendous growth to the detriment of other heating systems such as electric heaters or heat exchangers. The reasons are clear; their prices are becoming more competitive and their consumption is much lower than other heating systems, so the benefits are recognized very quickly.

A key aspect to know is that heat pumps always use a quality TITANIUM exchanger, which ensures high resistance to whatever water treatment. Among the different alternatives in heat pumps, there is a very easy distinction to perform at first sight and this is the type of vent. It can either be vertical output (the air outlet is at the top of the pump) or horizontal output (the air outlet is in the front of the pump).

top pool heat pump

The first heat pump systems that came out on the market for swimming pools were vertical air outlet. These systems are very old with a more bulky and noisy than generally horizontal output aspect. As we know, heat pumps require a minimum clearance (determined by the manufacturer) between the back and any obstacles, so that a proper air circulation can occur for smooth operation.

It is also important to evaluate several products can give us the same result such as keeping the pool water at 30 ° C, but usually all of the other characteristics will not be equal. This includes price, consumption, condenser type, compressor type, temperature controller model, pressure and sound power, pressure drop and more. All of these aspects will help us choose the one heat pump that we like best.

Don’t use in too Cold of Environments

Just do not forget that although some manufacturers state in their technical specifications that its heat pumps are capable of operating at temperatures below zero, it is usual that heat pumps operate at full capacity from 5-10 ° C (depending on manufacturer). It is important to clarify that the heat pump heating system is primarily aimed at extending the swimming season and not to be used on the pool all year, unless we are in warm climates where temperatures never reach levels that cold.
Currently, it is very common that in addition to having a specialized pool heater you should include other pool products to heat your swimming pool even faster such as a solar blanket or solar pool heater.

Top Basketball Hoop – Super-Wide Cool Jam Pro

Top Basketball Hoop – Super-Wide Cool Jam Pro

Swimming in the pool is fun but can get rather boring after a while. Most kids will end up playing games in the pool such as Marco Polo to have fun but there are definitely better ways. My favorite activity to do while out in the swimming pool is actually to play basketball and with a group of people it can be a ton of fun. Games can actually get quite competitive and if you have two hoops you can even play a full course game.

For now though you can just stick with the one to make sure you like it but the question is which pool basketball hoop should you get? While I recommend the Super-Wide Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop because of out of all the different hoops I’ve tried this one was by far the best. By reading this review you will be able to decide if you should get one too.


Top Pool Basketball Hoop

What really makes the Cool Jam Pro better than all the rest is the fact it’s really high quality. Most models you see on the market today are just no good and either start falling apart or rusting away over time. With this pool basketball hoop you will know for sure that will last you a long time and that you will surely get your money’s worth. For the price of what these things cost they should last you for many years and if they don’t then there surely not worth your money. Luckily for you since you’ve read this review you won’t have to worry about wasting money on one of those other brands.

best pool basketball hoop


Besides just being really high quality the Super-Wide Cool Jam Pro is also built really nice as well. It can actually be adjusted between three different heights which is perfect depending on the size of the persons playing. For little kids you can just put it on the lowest setting possible and of course for teenagers or adults you can put it up to the top setting. As long as you’re not too heavy you can even don’t on the rim though I don’t recommend holding on.

The backboard is a super-wide molded hard body that is 44 inches wide and 32 inches tall. Each side even has a bend to it so that it will help keep the basketball in the pool and set of bouncing out to the side. It says that it comes with a regulation size game ball but it is actually smaller than that. This is okay though because shooting a real sized basketball could be a little dangerous in a swimming pool setting, especially around little kids.

I do have to say though that the rim in the net are really well-made and you will never have to worry about rusting either. The whole backboard and height adjuster of the basketball hoop is made out of some form of high quality plastic that I really like. If you ever used a different model they all seem to be made out of something much cheaper that fall apart over time. While I hope that this review was very helpful you and don’t be afraid to check out other reviews on our site to see if there’s anything else you might be interested in, have a good day!

Best 2015 Review of the Syma X5C

Best 2015 Review of the Syma X5C

If you’re wanting to buy a quadcopter with an HD camera but aren’t looking to spend a lot of money then the Syma X5C is perfect for you. Finally for a price of around $60 you can get in high definition camera on a quadcopter that works surprisingly well. In this review of the Syma X5C you will learn all the pros and cons of this machine as well as my personal thoughts and if I would recommend it or not. Hopefully this review can help you in better deciding if this drone is right for you.

Syma X5C Review

This is one of the highest rated drones on the market today and there is no wonder why. Thanks to the built-in six axis gyroscope you can easily hover in place even while withstanding a good amount of wind. Most cheap quadcopters can only be used indoors but not this one; the engineers over at Syma thought it was imperative that you could fly outdoors and am glad they did. Finally you have the option to use a drone with an HD camera outside and not have to pay a hefty price. A 2GB Micro-SD with proof pictures is included as well which is definitely pretty awesome

syma x5c review

When it comes to performing tricks in the air the X5C does so graciously thanks to the 360° roll feature. I’ve always thought that flying through the air and doing tricks is one of the more fun aspects of flying drones so it definitely makes this one more valuable in my eyes. With all the various control options as well you can move in any direction that you want with no problem at all.

The Syma X5C also utilizes spread spectrum technology which allows for longer remote distance, better anti-interference, less power usage, and can fly with many other remote control helicopters at the same time. This is extremely useful in my opinion a must for any quadcopter on the market today. It’s always fun to go out and fly drones when other people around flying as well so do not have that feature would definitely be a bummer.

Included with this quadcopters is:

  • 1 – 2.4G Remote Controller
  • 1 – 3.75VmAh LiPo battery
  • 4 – Rotating blade
  • 4 – Protection frames
  • 1 – USB charging cable
  • 2 – Landing skids
  • 1 – Screwdriver
  • 1 – User manual

If you want to use a blade guards is up to you but if you’re an inexperienced flyer I would definitely recommend so. Luckily thanks to the modular design you can easily repair and assemble the X5C very easily if you do ever happen to crash and break something. Overall I would have to say I love this quadcopter very much and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my review and it helped you in making the decision if this is the right drone for you.


Pool Cleaner Reviews – Best Options of 2015

Pool Cleaner Reviews – Best Options of 2015

Best Pool Cleaners

All year round people anticipate the summer months filled with backyard BBQs, jumping on the trampoline and most importantly, swimming in the pool. However, as every pool owner knows, pools come with a lot of time consuming maintenance. One of the maintenance duties that must be performed is keeping the pool clear of debris and dirt for an enjoyable, clean swimming experience.
Very few individuals out there enjoy doing this manually so they often opt to purchase one of the best pool cleaners the market has to offer. In all of my years dealing with both in ground and above ground pools I’ve noticed two vacuums that get the job done right. One of them is the Hayward Tiger Shark and the other is the Polaris 9300xi.

Hayward Tiger Shark

This Hayward Tiger Shark is literally the best pool cleaner out there. It is compatible with any swimming pool that is up to 20 by 40 feet in size and will not only clean the bottom, but will climb up the walls, inclines and steps to ensure every last inch of your pool is super-duper clean. What is really neat, though, is its ability to calculate the size of the pool in order to program itself to clean it as efficiently as possible. Simply plug in the 55-foot cord, drop it into your pool and it’s set to go.


best pool cleaner option


Polaris 9300xi

The vortex vacuum technology associated with the Polaris 9300xi allows it to capture 4x the debris load of other pool cleaners. Plus, you can easily access the all-purpose filter canister since it is on the top of the vacuum and is large in size.
Like the Hayward Tiger Shark, it will clean every inch of your pool since it’s also a robotic, best pool cleaner. Also, it’s good to note that if you have a large pool this is probably your best option as it cleans swimming pools up to 60 feet in length. However, it is almost 1,000 dollars in cost, meaning it’s an investment to make.

Top Waterproof Quadcopter of 2015

Top Waterproof Quadcopter of 2015

Best Waterproof Quadcopter of 2015

Drones have been entertaining children, teens and adults for years now. Many advancements have been made from the development of mini quadcopters for indoor flying to high quality quadcopters with camera for aerial photography. Somehow, they just seem to be getting better over time. As you’ve probably heard already, a whole new advancement has been made that will change the world of quadcopters forever and it is the new, highly rugged waterproof drones.

The Mariner

This quadcopter is waterproof, allowing you to get up close and personal with ponds, lakes and even the great vast ocean; attach a GoPro camera to this flying machine and you’ll be able to capture the most astonishing photography while skimming the surface of the waters. The underwater housing provided keeps the camera safe from water damage while under the sea.


waterproof quadcopter reviews

On top of being able to be operated around water, the Mariner can be flown in all conditions such as deserts, forests, rough mountain terrain, and even during rain and windy weather. It comes equipped with four high intensity LED lights for night time flying; they will flash during low battery conditions as a warning. These LED lights also indicate front and back of the copter with red being on the front and green on the back.

Quad H20

The Quad H20 is a waterproof quadcopter that looks more like a flying submarine than anything. It was built for speed and agility and can shockingly reach the same high speeds that jet skis and speed boats do, which is a pretty big accomplishment if I do say so myself.
It is also extremely durable so you can feel safe flying it often. Unfortunately, just like the Mariner it does not come equipped with a camera and you’ll have to purchase a GoPro in order to take high quality photos. That’s not too big of a problem, though.