Top Waterproof Quadcopter of 2014

Top Waterproof Quadcopter of 2014

Best Waterproof Quadcopter of 2014

Drones have been entertaining children, teens and adults for years now. Many advancements have been made from the development of mini quadcopters for indoor flying to high quality quadcopters with camera for aerial photography. Somehow, they just seem to be getting better over time. As you’ve probably heard already, a whole new advancement has been made that will change the world of quadcopters forever and it is the new, highly rugged waterproof drones.

The Mariner

This quadcopter is waterproof, allowing you to get up close and personal with ponds, lakes and even the great vast ocean; attach a GoPro camera to this flying machine and you’ll be able to capture the most astonishing photography while skimming the surface of the waters. The underwater housing provided keeps the camera safe from water damage while under the sea.


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On top of being able to be operated around water, the Mariner can be flown in all conditions such as deserts, forests, rough mountain terrain, and even during rain and windy weather. It comes equipped with four high intensity LED lights for night time flying; they will flash during low battery conditions as a warning. These LED lights also indicate front and back of the copter with red being on the front and green on the back.

Quad H20

The Quad H20 is a waterproof quadcopter that looks more like a flying submarine than anything. It was built for speed and agility and can shockingly reach the same high speeds that jet skis and speed boats do, which is a pretty big accomplishment if I do say so myself.
It is also extremely durable so you can feel safe flying it often. Unfortunately, just like the Mariner it does not come equipped with a camera and you’ll have to purchase a GoPro in order to take high quality photos. That’s not too big of a problem, though.


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